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ReportGarden Launches two New App Features: SEO Audit and Invoicing

ReportGarden is a full-service digital marketing-based platform that helps online Ad Agencies to create analysis and performance reports for their clients. This week they announced the launch of two new features: SEO Audit and Invoicing that are a “need to have” for agencies.

Now evolving towards becoming a full-service Enterprise Platform for advertisement business owners and industry participants around the world, ReportGarden’s expansive tracking, reporting, and analytics oversight is contributing to the development of their comprehensive Ecosystem.

“We are developing features that move our platform towards covering the entire life cycle of Digital Marketing Management,” said Ashok Varma, Founder and CEO of ReportGarden. “Most agencies face an issue at the beginning of every month trying to create their reports and make sense of it all. Our goal is to generate reports on the whole life cycle quickly while delivering the message by showcasing the data visually.”

ReportGarden is passionate about improving the communication between Digital Ad Agencies and their clients. The company was founded as a direct response to the biggest problem that agencies are facing today: Client Reporting. Instead of searching through each integration to get their respective data today, these agencies can link up all of their sources to a ReportGarden account. ReportGarden then automates their client reporting.

“Our product is unique in that it comes directly from our customers,” said Sudheer Varma, VP-Sales. “We are custom-built for Digital Ad Agencies, and we are thrilled to be announcing the roll out of two additional features to our platform and accompanying app.”
ReportGarden offers Dashboards, CRM, Project Management Tools, and Analytics & Invoices, along with Client Reports.

The first of their new App features, SEO Audit, will provide a one-point solution with all functionalities accompanied by actionable insights. The new feature will come with other modules like customer portal and budgeting. There are 5 sub-modules available: Keyword, Backlinks, Onsite Audit, Traffic Analysis, and Industry standard metrics.

For more information on the SEO Audit feature, please visit :

For the new Invoicing Module feature, clients will be able to oversee simple billing where they can bill their respective clients based on a flat fee and Ad-spend percentage. Clients can create specific templates to simplify their own billing structure. The feature enables integrations to various finance and accounting products commonly used today, like QuickBooks, Zoho, and Xero. Additionally, the Invoicing Module will help create reports on revenue forecasting, receivables, invoice open rate, and turnaround time for payments.

To know further about the Invoicing feature, visit:

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