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Sales professionals, the odds are finally in your favour!

Are you like Alan?

Alan has devoted fifteen years of his life to sales. He met thousands of clients and prospects and spent countless hours convincing, selling, negotiating and servicing. He was reviewed and rated by innumerable clients. He wondered when will he have a say? Was there a way to review his clients and give his feedback?

All this changes, when he chanced upon has been instrumental in empowering millions of sales professionals. Thousands of sales professionals like Alan review their clients across a range of quantitative and qualitative factors like sales difficulty, stakeholder management, change management, negotiation difficulty, success factors etc.

They also learn from reading reviews about other clients’ – this helps them identify their prospects and understand what they really need and helps them tailor make their pitch.

Leading sales professionals like Richard Marsden of Jumana Consulting have reviewed their clients on In his words, “I took the leap and started using I help SME businesses grow. My network of contacts is truly international and the platform has been a revelation.”

“I learned how a sales manager can be an effective coach and be a huge asset in a sale,” says Steven Benson, CEO of Badger Maps on

With over 200,000 sales reviews and 1 million sales professionals, this platform is fast becoming a habit for global sales peers.

Philip Iserno, Director at Ringlead believes that the best was to attest sales professionals’ credentials is by looking at his digital reputation. “People can say anything on a presentation, it’s the digital reputation which acts as a key differentiator”. is the only unique platform offering this kind of digital reputation for a Sales professional, where he can share their real experiences.

But there is more to this. Salesdoor encourages a mutual sharing of information amongst the sales peers through the SOS feature. For each SOS request fulfilled, the sales professional gets a review and a rating.

Recruiters across the Globe are using Salesdoor SOS rating and reviews to screen candidates. Over 200 recruiters have already registered with the platform.

If you want to review a client, cinch your dream job in sales or establish credibility with your prospects, make sure that you are on Salesdoor where all the action in the sales world happens!

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