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Many famous investment institutions invest GMC

According to reliable news,a number of famous blockchain investment institutions, such as shansheng capital, chuanhe venture capital investment and Castlepool capital, will make strategic investment in GMC, the world–s first 5G public chain application architecture ecological value system.

As the crucial driving force for leading the innovation of digital economy, 5G technology is building a global IT infrastructure in the new era with its high throughput, low latency, high concurrency, low power consumption and other high-quality features, together with artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud service and Big Data. The Internet of everything extended by 5G will help improve the efficiency of the overall social efficiency,and promote massive thriving and prosperity of Internet of things, artificial intelligence, edge computing, AR, VR, and ultra-hd video streaming.

As the basic public blockchain for 5G digital economy era, GMC aims to use blockchain technology to realize the complex application scenario business chain, and supporting the industrial development in the 5G digital era. After the launch of the major network, GMC will be widely applied to the Internet of things, healthcare, artificial intelligence, new retail, social networking, VR/AR, smart security, Internet of vehicles, smart city, smart manufacturing, uav, SDWAN+NAS, edge computing module and other application fields in 5G environment.

GMC will also be widely used in people’s daily life. In order to guarantee the free exchange and market circulation of GMC and attracts as many members as possible to participate in the sharing of dividends, the mechanism of recommendation, registration, shopping and sales mining has been developed by us. By relying on the sharing economy and the sharing economy, which is a new type of economic format that benefits the country, the people and the self-interests of the people has emerged, which enables consumers to use tokens as incentive mechanism while consuming and establish community ecology. Tokens can be circulated on our platform. Including the purchase of virtual value-added services, tips, dividends. We will create a more efficient, transparent, safe, trusted of our diversified, decentralized and global digital asset application platform for consumption and investment.

Reliable information revealed that GMC project is negotiating strategic cooperation with sansheng capital, chuanhe venture capital investment and Castlepool capital, which will definitely accelerate the ecological layout of GMC and enrich the application of GMC. GMC will see its next big growth.

Shansheng Capital
Shansheng Capital is a professional venture capital investment institution which gathers high-quality resources of the whole industry, focusing on value investment, innovative ideas, and industry integration. Focus on cross-border integration and disruptive innovation opportunities, focus on investment in industrial upgrading (consumption upgrading, enterprise upgrading, industrial and manufacturing upgrading, supply chain upgrading, primary industry upgrading), technology applications (artificial intelligence, big data +, internet +, Biotechnology), industrial blockchain and cultural, creative and entertainment projects in the early and mid-term; combining extensive resource networks to create closed loops for investment companies– industrial chains; investing in companies with substantial innovation and true production value.

Chuanhe Venture Capital Investment
Chuanhe Venture Capital Investment was founded in 2013. After years of precipitation and continuous innovations, it has made rapid progress in wealth management, assets management, financial investment, blockchain research and mining investment. By improving professional knowledge and professional standards, promoting the integration of production and finance, rigorous risk control management, and continuously increasing assistance to the real economy, providing high-quality, stable and solid diversification and effectiveness for global customers.

Castlepool capital
Castlepool capital focuses on mine investment and pool integration. The self-built Castlepool is located in California, the United States, with natural genes of regional advantages and huge development space. Castlepool capital is a mining investment and service platform with rich operational experience. It has won the support of numerous users through simple and easy to use functions, safe and stable performance, and efficient and considerate services, and has long maintained a leading position in the world.

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