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TvFix Caster Launch, Turning a Regular TV Into a Smart TV

Seattle, Washington – Think Tech announces the launching of TVFix Caster, which can allow users to turn the regular TV into a smart TV. This streaming device plugs into the back of the TV using the HDMI port. After turning on the device, it links to the home Wi-Fi connection, turning the TV into a smart device.
Imagine relaxing at home, and feeling like catching up on season three of „Ozark“ what will Marty get up to this season? Streaming some favorite TV shows through a laptop or mobile device is cool, but wouldn–t it be great to be able to watch it on the big screen TV in the lounge? That 6-inch cellphone display isn–t doing the eyes any good. For many who don–t have a smart TV, they–ll have to watch on their phone. With the TV Fix streaming device anyone can turn their regular TV into a smart TV.
Sound good? The TVFix Caster reviews unpack the details on this revolutionary technology, giving everything anyone needs to know about this innovation in home entertainment.
What is TVFix Caster?
TVFix Caster allows users to turn the regular TV into a smart TV through this user-friendly and affordable device.
Essentially, any TV can become a mirror screen for the smart device. Just cast from the phone, tablet, or laptop directly to the TV screen through the streaming device. Now it–s time to watch YouTube videos, torrents, and stream Netflix, all straight to the big screen TV!
Why spend thousands of dollars on a new smart TV if the regular TV is working fine? This new product is a fraction of the cost of a new TV, and anyone can get all the benefits of a smart TV, without the expensive price tag. In our TV Fix Caster reviews, we put this device to the test, and the results were stupendous.
To help customers acquire their TVFix Caster, the company is offering a special price reduction on each pack option:
●Four TVFix Caster for Entertain the Whole Family Pack = $137.47 (discount pricing from $274.94)
●Three TVFix Caster for Triple The Entertainment Pack = $112.48 (discount pricing from $224.96)
●Two TVFix Caster for Double The Entertainment Pack = $99.98 (discount pricing from $199.96)
●One TVFix Caster for Basic Pack = $49.99 (discount pricing from $99.98)

Does TVFix Caster work?
TVFix Caster works like a dream. It features easy setup, and people can get everything they need with this new casting device to plug-and-play right out of the box. There–s no software required for the installation; it can be used right away.
Follow this step-by-step guide for setting up the TV Fix Caster.
Step 1 – Unbox the TV Fix streaming device
Step 2 – Insert it into the HDMI port of the TV
Step 3 – Connect the deviceto the USB charger included in the package
Step 4 – Switch the TV settings to HDMI
Step 5 – Pair the device to the home Wi-Fi network
Step 6 – Start streaming all the favorite shows and movies, using the phone to control it!
The entire setup process will take less than 5-minutes. The best part is that there–s no software installation needed and no complicated setup procedure. The device pops up on the home–s Wi-Fi device list in seconds, and the connection strength is awesome.
After completing the setup, it–s time to take the device for a spin. Load up a YouTube video on the phone. And it appears on the TV screen. Just use the phone as the controller, and the casting device will receive all the commands and instructions, with a lightning-fast connection that never lets anyone down.
TVFix Caster reviews show this is the real deal
„TVFix Caster is a sham“. It–s understandable how some people might think that this piece of tech is a fraud. But anyone can prove and read in all the TV Fix Caster reviews that customers are impressed with the quality and efficiency of this streaming device.
Connect the TV to the internet for less than it costs for a month of cable? That sounds too good to be true. The reality is that the device works, and it–s an affordable and effective way of upgrading any TV without breaking the bank account.
TVFix Caster reviews show users that this device is the real deal. It delivers on its promises of streaming directly to the TV. The only reason people think this is a TV Fix sham is they don–t read the manual and think they can get instant free TV from anywhere in the world.
TVFix Caster vs Chromecast
TV Fix Caster is superior to Chromecast. There was a time when Google Chromecast was the gold standard for this technology. But anyone who has used one knows that it drops the connection between the device and TV all the time.
Among the positive aspects of this device are:
●Stream movies, TV shows, series, and games directly from the device to the TV
●No need for a smart TV – The TVFix device connects to the current regular TV
●Wireless support for more than 2,000 video entertainment apps
●Multiple play modes, including AirPlay, DLNA, Miracast, AirMirror, cross-system, and cross-terminal screen mirroring
●More affordable than cable – costs less than one moths subscription to a cable service
●Money-back guarantee
●Plug-and-play setup
●High quality tech specs
The downsides are:
●It needs WiFi or internet connection (but honestly, everyone has WiFi)
●They sell out fast
●Their sales offers usually don’t last for too long
Chromecast is like a dinosaur compared to TV Fix Caster. The tech used in the design and manufacture of this casting device has more advanced components and plays everything in full HD. The quality is far superior to what you get with Chromecast, and best of all, it doesn–t spy on people like Google Chromecast!
What can users watch on TVFix Caster?
TVFix Caster gives access to any form of media that can be played on the phone or mobile device. From streaming, Netflix and Amazon Prime to watching all the favorite torrents and playing YouTube videos, whatever customers can do on their phone, they can do it on their TVFix streaming device.
With excellent quality and such a wide selection available for the viewing pleasure, many more people will probably cancel their cable subscription.
The company wraps up TVFix Caster reviews with their final verdict on whether they recommend purchasing this product. This new casting device is everything anyone would love to have to kick up their home entertainment a few notches. It can connect the TV to the internet via the smart device for far less than the price of a monthly cable subscription. Know more at Official TVFix Caster Site Here.

Media contact
Company: TVFix Caster
Address: Think Tech Sales Limited 62544, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong
US: +1 855 884 0385
CA: +1 844 846 5323
UK & Ireland: +44 3308 081445
AU & NZ: +61 8 7282 2000

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