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Attention: There are now Japanese .com-Domains…

Domains with special characters or IDN-domains have been around for some time, for example, domains with Cyrillic characters at .com. The crucial difference to the new IDN domains is that the special characters are now put on the right side of the dot. On the left side of the point there aren–t necessarily special characters, but also names in Latin script.

Verisign starts its first com-Domain with Japanese characters ( It can be assumed that in the future a considerable part of the domains in Japan will be in Japanese characters, this because a large part of the Japanese does not understand English. Who does not want to ignore this segement of Japanese society has to offer websites in Japanese with domains in Japanese on the left and the right side of the dot.

The com-Domain with Japanese characters is called xn--tckwe-Domain in Punycode. The DNS-System has to translate every domain with Japanese characters in Latin Punycode, since the DNS-System only understands Latin characters.

The conventional com-Domain consists of three characters.The traditional com-Domains owe their unparalleled success also to brevity. The Japanese com-Domain tops the conventional domain because it is even shorter. It consists of two Japanese characters.

There are three different registration steps for the com-Domains in Japanese:

-Priority Access Program
-Landrush Period
-General Availability


Priority Access Program Period : March 15 – May 15, 2016
Landrush Program Period : May 16 – June 12, 2016
General Registration Period
Start Date : June 13, 2016

The Priority Access Program ist the best method to register a domain with Japanese characters in a preferencial way:

One has to own the exact same name at the traditional com-Domain. There have been IDN domains with Japanese characters left of the dot at the traditional .com domain name since a longer time, which means that both Latin and Japanese names can be registered with Japanese com-Domains at the Priority Access Program.

When using the Priority Access Program one must own the same name at the conventional com-Domain in order to register the name in the Japanese variant. The price is as low as in the „General Availability“, even if one may register much earlier.

Hans-Peter Oswald (English) (German)

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